Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Work and Church

Work photo - on "Holi" with Monica, Shalini and Lisa. This was one festival that I did not like as it was too messy with all of the coloured powder.......but i do enjoy dressing in India wear!

Here are some of my primary kids....I have taught them to say "Awesome" with a big hurrah!
I did not think I was cut out for teaching this age group...but I love it!

Here are some of my kids learning the song, "He sent his Son..." A bit of a reverent song, but the kids like to have fun. 

Relief Society (women's group at Church) Presidency Parun, Anu, Lakesh and Shelly (my only American friend at Church who makes me laugh). We were celebrating the Relief Society birthday!

Here are some of the sisters at the activity - special wonderful women, with beautiful spirits. Yes Debbie - I have gotten an haircut since this photo!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Church - 3rd Ward, New Delhi

Can you guess my new responsibility at Church?
I have 20 of these little one's - group photo to follow
Her name is Blessing..and she is a real "blessing" to me......

And here is Aboshik...a child with such a sweet spirt

My counsellor Rosy along with Karthika and Kanshul. Rosy is an amazing woman, who has the love, spirit and kindness of unlike anyone I have ever met! She has already blessed my life tremendously.

And my little Ankash....I held him for one hour today..he just did not let go! Very cute. It could have been the sweeties I had in my pocket but it also could have been that he just likes me! Hmmm...I know the truth! ;-)

Debbie and Heather Visit

My two friends Debbie (SLC) and Heather (Korea) came to visit India for 10 days and we travelled to Agra (Taj Mahal), went to Rathanborne on Safari to see Tigers, visited the Pink City of Jaipur and went North to the Amritsar (India / Pakistan border) to see the famous Sikh Golden Temple and the changing of the guards between India and Pakistan!!

We travelled by SUV around India, with Balwant as a driver, and tour guides in every place. My friend Monica set-up the trip and we stayed in some of the most wonderful hotels I have ever experienced!!!

Debbie and Heather also got to experience my life India - came to work, stayed in my home and saw the sights of Delhi.  It was a wonderful trip with two lovely and dear friends.

3 Princesses in front of the majestic Taj.............still my favorite site in India

Local visitors at the Taj......Indian people do like getting their photo taken.

Debbie and Heather refused to travel by bus...not sure why?

Typical local market that we saw on our travels...............

These were the tents that we stayed in............in Rathonborne National Park...and saw the Tiger!

Kerry relaxing on the deck in Safari camp. We were greeted with a cold drink and powder for our heads, which is a typical India blessing!

Early morning jeep drive on Safari...........

Beautiful views..........

I appreciate that this is not a great photo of the Tiger...but Heather had the better camera and I am yet to get her photos!! He was about 100 yards away....and it was reallly cool to see!

Decorated camel on the road.......

Deb and I went for a walk to the local village........

This photo is for my Brother inlaw - the below are the famous "Cowdong patties"....which they use to heat in the winter when it is cold! I had a "CDC" cough for about a month over Christmas...here is the evidence Chris!

The Mughal Palace, in Jaipur, is where we stayed. The rooms were so nice that we ordered room service and watched the Olympics instead of dining out. A bit of luxury after 5 hours driving through the hot and challening terrain.

In the hotel lobby...before our adventure to the palaces and forts!

The famous pink city in Jaipur!

The summer palace for the King..you need a boat to get out there!

The 3 of us in front of the Red Fort in Jaipur...it was a long drive up! The moat behind us is dry, just an indication of the drout India is experiencing.

The girls at the fort.........

The car...this was mid-way through the trip, between the food, diet cokes, Heather and Debbie's shopping and girls who travel "lightly" we had to put some of our bags on top! Balwants was wonderfully patient with us!

Jaipur is known for it shoes.........and it goats!

Our visit to Punjabi..aka turbon land!

Our visit to the India / Pakistan border.......

The "changing of the guard" ceremony...........

The Pakistan and Indian flags....at the border they have concurrent changing of the guards and thousands gather on each side of the border for the ceremony...cheering their country. It was a spectacular event that  can not be understood by photos or words. Debbie, Heather and I were humbled.

The Parade..........

Visit to the Sikh temple...no shoes and heads had to be covered!

Deb in front of the Golden Temple...the centre of the Sikh religion. We were all so impressed with the Sikhs...known for their turbons and hair,  their love for their fellow being, attitude towards service as well as their disregard for the caste system!

The man made lake is also use for "cleansing" purposes, kind of like the Ganges is used for other Hindis

Right next to the temple is a "free" cafeteria, which serves up to 10,000 people a day. Volunteers come every day - prepare the food, serve the food and clean up thereafter. It is an amazing site - the organisation, service, love and charity that is shown to anyone who requires food.

Men making the dough for the "naan" bread - Kerry's major weakness in India!

I do not think I have ever seen so many carrots......

The man handing out the spoons........just fyi...nope we did not eat here...it was not an option as the girls did experience "India sickness" in their first few days so I did not take the chance with it!

A Holy Man......

Our last photo together...on what was a wonderful trip! Thanks Debbie and Heather for making the trip.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas - New York and London

I had the opportunity to go home for 3.5 weeks to New York and London.  It was a wonderful time away from India, and I so appreciated the hospitality of my sister Kelly and her husband Chris. Although I know my visit to the Overbeck's was short, I found great joy in my nieces and nephews and felt so blessed for being part of the Miller family traditions and laughter.

Christmas morning...........the traditional family photo on the step...did Santa Claus come? 

I think he came............ ;-) 

 Holden received a signed autograph picture from his favorite wide receiver from the San Diego Chargers (name excapes this bad aunt). Mommy was so so thrilled that Santa got this for him!

Miller wanted a white owl like in Harry Potter...she settled for the beautiful ceramic version.

Mabel just loved helping everyone open their gifts!! She got her first American doll so it was a special Christmas for her.

This is "Duffy"...Mabel and I spent many hours putting diapers on Duffy during my time in New York. She did not want his "poop" to get all over. What could Aunt Kerry say to that?

Eventually we all got dressed...and had Christmas with the rest of my family......it was a wonderful time!

This is what Santa Claus brought Kerry in London...a new display cabinet. CAR - how does that tea set from Italy look? ;-)